Planet Explorers a0.8 Released!

Planet Explorers a0.72 Released

We really thought we left a0.7 behind with a0.71, but alas, there were a couple of serious bugs there that we had to do a a0.72 release to fix them. These are optional downloads though, so you really don’t need to update if you don’t want to.

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Planet Explorers Alpha 0.62 Available

So here’s a0.62 available across all versions. If you already have a0.61 P version, there’s really not that many difference in this version other than bug fixes. So if you want a more bug free version, download this one.

PC Torrent:

Planet Explorers A0.605 Available!

Hi everyone, the newest alpha build is now available. In this build we fixed the launcher problems that were plaguing the a0.6 build. Unfortunately, since the launcher was changed, you’ll need to download the whole build again instead of just a patch. We hope to test out the patching system in a0.61 coming out in a week or two. We’re also resetting everything on the server so that you’ll get a fresh register for multiplayer and activation. If you’re trying to activate with the a0.6 version now, you might have some problems, we would recommend upgrading to the current build.

Planet Explorers Alpha 0.55m Released!

Hey everyone, after a lot of hardwork and many bugs, we’ve finally completed the alpha 0.55 multiplayer build. This is just a tech demo of sorts that lets us test out some of the key logic behind multiplayer. In this build, you’ll be able to see the new ragdoll system for animals when they die, turrets blowing apart when they die, and infinite terrain. We don’t recommend going beyond 8 players (you can try), as that might really kill the frame rate.


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